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Shu-Te University: The Department of Visual Communication Design organize an art workshop for the students with the artists.

Shu-Te University: The Department of Visual Communication
Design organize an art workshop for the students with the artists.
By Amanda Chung
Kaohsiung, Taiwan: This year of 2020, the Department of Visual Communication Design
holds the 13 th International Conference on Interdisciplinary Design and Industrial-Academic Collaboration Events on 16 th of May from 10 am to 5 pm. We invited two outstanding and inspired artists from the home country and the United States of America.
Girenhao (紀人豪). Initially the artist was introduced to us from Kaohsiung. He was a
former student who earned a Bachelors Degree in Visual Communication Design 10 years
ago. He is presently a street artist producing a variety of unique artwork about the social
matter. He previously worked in Taipei for about 7 years, thus creating a street art regards to an older people look at the viewpoint of the world through their eyes at the venue of Xi Men Ding.
Moreover, Girenhao is an artist who participates in the Taiwan East Coast Land Arts
Festival this year. Participating in this festival helps him to feel a sense of freedom and
liberation by making his art piece to express the true self. Girenhao loves to use the text by
showing his own emotion, feeling and passion through the content of artwork to practise
himself from how other people will think and imagine the art. From the beginning of his career till now, he mentions his friends help him a lot to accomplish his every artwork or hardship. “When you make your own mistake, you cannot but blame yourself.”
Besides, he shows us a video that he curates an art exhibition in Osaka, Japan with his
foreign partner. As we can see from the video, there are plenty of breathtaking fine art with a colourful style created by himself. He is a conscientious artist of this generation keeping his track to pursue his dream to the best. Everyone in this world is unique to become contented and loved person by being the way of ourselves.
The American artist, Zachary Widgren, a.k.a lalaeatslala is an Avant-Garde prolific artist. He
has a creative mind with an approachable attitude to the people he meets. He studied Fine
Art in Painting at the University of Tennessee. The reason he calls himself lalaeatslala is
that he likes weird things when it comes to the drawing he can randomly produce his
artwork by using his imagination and ideas, creating what’s meant to be an art piece to him. Zac can sometimes draw some illustration in the different topic that he likes such as Hip Hop
and animation.
Zac mentions Ninja Turtles was the first cartoon he produced during his childhood. Many people do not know a childhood cartoon can influence a child’s drawing from their life. There is also a cartoon talk show in Tennessee which only has one episode that prompted him being an artist until now. His expertise is in curating installation that he has done this for about 10 years from now. Zac presently owns his studio in Taipei collaborating the best illustration, installation with other artists. He loves to do street arts, skateboarding, making music during his spare time, figuring out the new artwork to the people around the world.
Zac chose Taiwan as his first overseas country because it helps him to get out of his comfort
zones to do what he wants to do, to create more his artwork, explore new things that he
never try before. Coming to a precise environment is a kind of challenges for him from
cultural diversity, languages and food. He told us what he loves about Taiwan is the friendly
people here. We all know he loves Taiwan as much as he loves his own country.
As an art management student , it was an unforgettable opportunity to participate in the
workshop. It was also an amazing experiment to learn and support the artists around the
world. Their hard work and dedication pay them off and this is what we have to learn from
them to pursue our dream harder. We hope we still get a chance to join another course’s
workshop to explore and create new things together.