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Department introduction

(1) The department of art management at SHU-TE university is the first art management department at university in Taiwan. Is dedicated to the humanistic artistic thinking . Based on modern management and development of performing arts, visual arts, creative design and culture. Interdisciplinary innovative thinking management and curating industry brokerage talent.

(2) The curriculum of the department is divided into two major areas: “art application” and “innovation management”. It is divided into four areas : art appreciation and knowledge, cultural policy, cultural and creative industries , and management. For Students establish a systematic cross-domain learning model.

(3) The department strengthens the internship mechanism inside and outside the school, promotes the acquisition of diversified professional licenses, and tutors students to innovate and start their own business during the school period, so that students can immediately integrate with the industry to enhance their competitiveness.

(4) Many international students are enrolled in the department. Local students also have the opportunity to become exchange students abroad. Through internationalization, co-education and cross-cultural dialogue, we can create a multicultural learning environment.

Future prospects

Progression pipeline
Into the domestic and foreign art, performing arts, art management, public administration or management and other related research institutions continue to further study.

Employment pipeline
Visual arts, architectural design, crafts, product design, visual communication design, radio and television, digital content, advertising, film, music and performing arts, popular music and cultural content, cultural asset use and performance facilities, publishing, creative life and other industries related Practitioners.

Official system
Participate in the civil service examinations to enter the local or central cultural department; local or central affiliated venues related practitioners.



Curriculum planning

The curriculum of this department is divided into four major areas: art professional appreciation and knowledge, cultural policy, cultural and creative industries , and management. The professional compulsory courses cover the artistic expertise of performing arts, visual arts, design, film and television industry, and cultural and creative goods , and combine the theory and practice of performance, production, planning, marketing, administration and management. The elective courses are divided into “cultural exhibition management”. Group and “Creative Life Management Group” for students to choose the future direction.
In order to implement practical professional skills training, in order to meet the goal of teaching vocational colleges, the department focuses on the operational mechanism of the internship, the students of a on Tai three semesters must first practice with the curriculum at the school; junior next semester 3 credits The professional internship course must be internship in the domestic and foreign industry, the number of hours must reach 308 hours, and it is expected to achieve the goal of seamless integration of graduation and employment .

The professional required subjects
Training mainly provides students with the concept of performing arts and planning, management and practical operation to respond to the needs of the workplace. The relevant courses include art introduction, copywriting, planning proposal, art consumer behavior analysis, human resource management, media and public relations, art. Management practice … etc.

The professional elective course
Elective courses are mainly divided into two areas, “Cultural Performance” and “Creative Life”, for students to choose the future direction.
The courses in the field of cultural performance include: performance group management, performance art marketing strategy planning, popular performing arts brokerage, theater management, art festival planning and management, technical theater specials … etc.
Courses in the field of creative life include: visual arts management, museums and galleries, cultural and marketing marketing strategy planning, event production and management, exhibition planning and management, film marketing strategy planning , etc.

The teaching internship platform
Is to make the students complete the theoretical study and practical operation. The first is the internship platform of the Arts and Culture Center of the School of General Education. The center has been established for 12 years and handles the “Heng-shan Art Festival” and ” Music festival “and”Art festival (ex:SHU-TE University DA-XIA Art Festival)respectively. The festival aims to plan 25-30 art and cultural activities for the teachers and students of the school . The activities cover the planning and promotion of art exhibitions, the integration of humanities and art courses, the artist’s presence on campus, and the strengthening of the functions of the resident orchestra. In order to enhance students’ practical operation ability, it is proposed to add a proposal platform to provide a more complete internship mechanism.

108-1 Schedule of English-taught Courses

Teacher presentation

Excellent and diverse teachers

The department has a well-structured faculty, and the expertise, research field or practical experience background of the full-time teachers are in line with the core of the department’s development. They are mainly based on cultural administration, management, creative design, and art curation. They can fully coordinate with the curriculum planning of the department. Plan or promote relevant activities in line with the development goals of the department . The practice of cross-domain concept also invites senior executives of the administrative teaching units in the school to give lectures or lectures to the department, and launches top industry professionals as the teacher-integrated teaching system. The professional teachers with international practical experience can definitely provide students with internationalization, Multiple thinking and experience.

( Chair / Associate Professor )
Expertise: Art Management, Introduction to Art, Conductor, Piano, Trumpet



(Chair Professor)

Expertise: Industrial Technology History, Industrial Management, Creative Thinking, Problem Solving, Interpersonal Relationships and Communication, Sex and Communication


( Assistant Professor )
Expertise: Art Administration, Box Office Marketing, Financial Management, Copywriting, Essay Writing, Cultural Policy Research, Cross-Cultural Studies



(Assistant Professor)
Expertise: Contemporary Art Curation, Visual Art Review, Performance Art Review, Aboriginal Contemporary Art Phenomenon and Cultural Studies



( Assistant Professor )
Expertise: Art Management Practice, Seminar in International art, Introduction to Chinese Traditional Music



Expertise:3D animation production, digital music, film and television production, midi music composition and arrangement, concert live recording, communication practice, film and television production, directing screenwriting, film and television photography, large-scale event design, curatorial design, media public relations, expression and communication, color Studies, Introduction to Design, American Philosophy, Technological Art, Video Language, Perceptual Research on Cross-Fields, Perceptual Research on Music Visualization


Expertise: Art administration, exhibition production planning and management, performing arts review, cultural policy research.




( Assistant Professor )
Expertise: Consumer Behavior, Industry Analysis, Economic Theory, Leisure Agriculture and Fisheries



( Assistant Professor )
Expertise: Local Culture and Education, Multiculturalism and Education, Multicultural Education Theory and Practice, Educational Sociology, Aboriginal Education, Comparative Education Research



( Lecturer / Administrative Assistant)
Expertise: Information dissemination, curation, research and application of cultural and creative industries



( Administrative Assistant / College of liberal education, Secretary of Arts and Culture Center )
Former assistant to the SHU-TE home-economics & Commercial high school musically-gifted class, Kaohsiung City Symphony Orchestra project plan assistant




Adjunct teacher


( Assistant Professor )
Expertise: Art curation, performance production, art criticism and cultural observation




( Assistant Professor )
Expertise: graphic visual design, brand planning, creative thinking, exhibition planning, cultural and creative product development, character design and marketing



(Adjunct Assistant Professor)
Expertise: visual communication, image aesthetics, image editing and creation, visual media effects research, film industry ecology



(Adjunct Assistant Professor)
Expertise: design management and art direction, creativity, business design, illustration, graphic design, multimedia visual design, exhibition space design, games and animation art



(Adjunct Assistant Professor)
Expertise: Art History, Art Review, Art Museum Administration, Museum Studies and Paper Writing and Research Methods



( Adjunct lecturer )
Expertise: Introduction to Art, Theatre Art, Script reading and analysis, Stage Design, Theater Vision and Aesthetics, Art Administration, Performing Arts Creation



( Adjunct lecturer )
Expertise: Creative and Industrial Development, Interdisciplinary Creation, Editor, Writer, Curator, Restaurant Management, Cuisine and Art Consultant




( Adjunct lecturer )
Expertise: Technology, art, creative cross-disciplinary curatorial planning and project execution, corporate branding, product and art activities marketing project management and implementation, corporate internal training curriculum planning



( Adjunct lecturer )
Expertise: Contemporary fiber art thinking, fabric design, basic woven, three-dimensional modeling, composite media, art appreciation



( Adjunct lecturer )
Expertise: drama production; cross-domain integration of screenwriters, directors, performances; art marketing



( Adjunct lecturer )
Expertise:Audio-visual editing, stage lighting installation, stage sound installation, basic image editing, as well as editing, directing, and stage production



Admission  information

For overseas students, foreign students and chinese students, please contact the International and Cross-Strait Affairs Office of the SHU-TE University .

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